Friday 12 October 2012

Review: Three Second Kiss – Tastyville

Three Second Kiss – Tastyville (Africantape)
For “Tastyville”, Three Second Kiss’ sixth album since 1996, drummer Sacha Tilotta assumes the recording / mixing role, a position previously occupied by Shellac’s Steve Albini and Ian Burgess (producer of Shellac, Jawbox and Cows) amongst others.

Musically the Italian trio (Massimo Mosca - bass and vocals, Sergio Carlini – guitar, alongside drummer Tilotta) occupies a space somewhere amid post hardcore, post grunge, math rock and minimalist rock. The bass and drums groove with a formidable, yet controlled, force that is challenged by psychedelic and abstract guitar work. The vocals do however have to vie for space and the gritty, tormented, hallucinatory concepts are a little overwhelmed.

In a nutshell “Tastyville” is muscular, irregular yet tightly syncopated. Three Second Kiss play All Tomorrow’s Parties’ “The Nightmare before Christmas” (30th November – 2nd December) alongside Shellac, Wire, Mission of Burma to name but few.

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