Wednesday 24 October 2012

Review: Bob Tobin - The Other Side of the Horizon

Bob Tobin - The Other Side of the Horizon (Independent)

With several records under his belt, both solo and with his wife Adele Deas Tobin, Bob Tobin knows how to get the best out of a studio. His latest record “The Other Side of the Horizon” is simply produced, but doesn’t lack the musical details or the warmth that songwriters like Guy Clark and Kris Kristofferson bring to their recordings. Indeed it’s the former that Tobin most readily brings to mind. He displays the same comfortable ease with his medium and allows his songs the freedom to get inside a story and tell it straight.

His ocean experiences as a Coast Guard, trawler man and tug captain are reflected in the songs he writes, but not usually in a direct manner. The title track is probably the most obvious reference, and it’s tied to a fine song with plenty of salty detail and a genuine feel for his characters. It’s just one of many highlights; “Listen to Momma” rattles along in an utterly enjoyable manner, and it’s the sort of song that lesser songwriters have built a career on. “Being Me” is cut from much the same rich cloth and “South of South of the Border” exudes a noirish quality that can occasionally be found in Willie Nelson’s songs.
Rob F.

Bob Tobin: The Other Side of the Horizon

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