Friday 5 October 2012

Review: The Cubby Preachers – I Am Art

The Cubby Preachers – I Am Art (Cubby Control Records)
The Cubby Preachers are a collective that includes Jol Devitro, Bill Fisher, Alec Way, Brian Weaver, That Hideous Strength, The Housing Wave, Dane Patterson, and Trees As Antennas. The tracks on “I Am Art” (hailed as “the best Cubby Preachers album yet” by Cubby Control Records founder, Brian Weaver) can be from any one of them, or a collaboration between any of them. 

The dynamic is one of variety.  A variety which ranges from the gothic bows and stalling drum machine, which soundtrack a cat catching a budgerigar (“I Am Art”), the upright bass meets Studio G library works (“Pictures Under Glass”), through sci-fi walls of sound (“Chenno”), platonic ambience (“Dark Sky Glow”) and hell-raising, grinding metal (“Nothing Is Growing”) before being drawn to a spiritualistic reverberating close (“I Am Art, and So Are You”).

The Cubby Preachers: I Am Art

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