Wednesday 24 October 2012

Review: Builder of The House – I Am A Tidal Wave

Builder of The House – I Am A Tidal Wave (Independent)
Hiding behind the basic standard computer art graphic sleeve of Builder of The House’s mini-LP, “I am a Tidal Wave” are such hybridized titles as “Niktricity” and “Schizophilia” (the likes of which haven’t been heard since Peter Andre’s embarrassingly stupid song title “Insania”; created whilst a contestant on “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here”).

If this floats your boat (or you can force yourself beyond this) Rob Cimitile presents some nice passages of finger-picked guitar, accentuated by minimalist, tasteful percussion (“Niktricity”), Caribbean calypso lilts (“My New Eyes”), reverb laden pseudo Westerns (“Fire Dawn Breaking”) and barn dance progressions (“I Am A Tidal Wave”), all with a style and breathy vocal delivery ala Jack Johnson.

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