Tuesday 30 October 2012

Review: Electric Electric – Discipline

Electric Electric – Discipline (Africantape)
French trio Electric Electric utilise looped and live guitars, drums and electronics, and source inspiration from post-punk, electronic music and ethnic and ritual music.  Edging truncated and obscurely timed loops and circling electronic phrasing with voraciously poly-rhythmical, tribally patterned percussion produces a hypnotic, repetitive and compulsive urge to dance.

Tracks like “Exotica Today” and “Material Boy” are African inspired incantations that evoke the sounds of thumb piano and steel drums; “Pornographic Arithmetic” titillates with Arabic junglism. The title track soars to almost anthemic and epic heights, “XX1” and “XX2” take on a harsher stance whilst “Neutra Tranta” sounds like a machine whirring out of control under its own devices in the middle of the desert.

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