Wednesday 24 October 2012

Review: Krista Baroni – Oh My Magpie

Krista Baroni – Oh My Magpie (Independent)
Singer-songwriter Krista Baroni specializes in creating folk-pop-rock songs that share a common thread to the works of Gillian Welch, Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell - which should, in theory, bring her to the attention of a sympathetic indie label like Signature Sounds. “Oh My Magpie” is her first record, and over its ten tracks, she displays an array of quite separate styles and sounds; folk, classic pop, Americana and bluegrass all make an appearance, though she retains her own distinct identity throughout, and performs each song with an easy confidence and deft musicianship.

Starting with the title track, it’s a rich, full-blooded opener, with Baroni showcasing her voice, which swoops and soars, and delicate, almost classical, guitar runs subtly match its dynamics. It’s impressive and almost harkens back to the Laurel Canyon songwriters of the ‘70s, and their openness and fearless approach to songwriting. “Great Expectations” is much purer, in folk terms, with Baroni’s voice clean and true, with a simple guitar accompaniment. “My Dear” is a contemporary folk rocker, with a full band adding light and shade, and “Misery Loves Company” is a piano-flecked Americana number that deserves to be heard by the same people who buy Iris DeMent and Mary Gauthier records. Poetic and lovingly produced by Doug Kwartler, “Oh My Magpie” may just mark the emergence of a significant young talent.
Rob F.

Krista Baroni: Oh My Magpie

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