Sunday 7 October 2012

Review: Persephone’s Bees – New In Berlin

Persephone’s Bees – New In Berlin (Independent)
Russian songwriter / singer Angelina Moysov moved to the USA in 1993, met guitarist Tom Ayres and in 1999 they formed glam-pop-punk band Persephone’s Bees. Based in California, they released their indie debut “City of Love” in 2002, which brought them much praise and a nomination for best debut album at the California Music Awards. It also brought them to the attention of Columbia Records, who in 2005, released their second album “Notes from the Underworld”. Although the album gained some success – a track was featured on The Sopranos – the naughties wasn’t the best of times to be signed to a major, and band and label parted ways. Now, seven years later, “New In Berlin” hits the racks and it feels like the return of a long lost friend.

Not that its arrival has been a complete surprise. Over the last couple of years they’ve regularly released MP3 singles on various selling sites, including Amazon, and expectations have been running high. “New In Berlin” collects and collates all those individual tracks, simultaneously offering a cohesive album experience while sounding not unlike a latter day hits collection. “Independence Day” opens with a thumping beat, but we don’t have to wait long for the guitars to kick in. Moysov words reflect her dissatisfaction with what’s going on in the world, and she sings like she’s got a point to prove; it’s vital and vibrant. “Ugly Thing” is a fabulous pop song; big and brash with an infectious ‘80s feel. “I Like You” is just as catchy, and as close as we get to a love song, but it’s obvious Moysov's got other things on her mind. “Liars” and the title track cut to the chase. Both address the same concerns as the fore mentioned “Independence Day” and both are pristine pop songs.
Simon M.


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