Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Archers: 31/1/2012


Joe tackles some DIY while Neil makes a rash promise.

Hassett Hills wants to take up some of Pip’s ideas – including ‘Hassle’ the celebrity lamb. They’ll even pay her a bit of money to develop the idea. Pip’s enthusiastic. She’s going to make it work, so maybe the sheep can keep them going until the dairy comes good again. With Pip out of earshot, David rings Oliver and asks if they can chat tomorrow – about something he can’t discuss with Ruth.

Susan and Neil enjoy a quiet evening. Susan feels for Tracy. She ended up with Den, whereas Susan’s so lucky to be with Neil. Susan’s cleaned up the dolls’ house for Keira but Neil thinks it still needs painting and decorating. He’ll do it once he’s finished at Bert’s.

Joe tells Bert Horrobin that Jim’s finally agreed to issue timesheets to log hours worked on the orchard. Bert’s on his own, so Joe offers to keep him company. After a fair bit of cider, Bert shows Joe the shower room. Joe reckons they could do Neil a favour and finish the tiling. After contemplating which way the borders should go, they get the job done and reckon Neil’s going to be well pleased.


Episode written by Joanna Toye

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