Tuesday 28 February 2012

The Archers: 27/2/2012


Brian offers the hand of peace and Susan tries to control herself.

Brian and Annabelle discuss the next steps for the proposed dairy. South Borsetshire planning department are bound to cause them a few headaches, and the Environment Agency could still scupper the whole project. Brian’s confident Adam won’t give them any more problems but Annabelle’s not convinced and suggests Brian has a word with him.

Neil and Susan enjoy having their home to themselves but Susan feels sorry for Gary. She suggests Neil could paint his room as a random act of kindness for Lent. Neil feels he’s done enough but agrees to think about it. He suggests Susan tries Alan’s other proposal for Lent - giving up gossip.

Neil drops some paint off but it turns out Gary doesn’t want his room touched. He’s happy with his Star Trek wallpaper. Susan thanks Neil for trying. She starts to tell Neil that she saw Brian and Annabelle leaving The Feathers together but Neil challenges her not to gossip. Susan takes up the challenge and says no more.

Brian thanks Adam for not going to the public meeting last week. Adam points out that his reason for not going doesn’t warrant Brian’s thanks. Brian tries to appease the situation but Adam insists it’s too late to just agree to differ.


Episode written by Simon Frith

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