Monday 20 February 2012

The Archers: 19/2/2012


Alan sets an intriguing challenge and Tom piles on the pressure.

Alan tells the congregation that this year’s idea for Lent is to give up gossip, and to perform special random acts of kindness. Jill likes the idea and Neil goes off to finish painting Bert’s hall. Shula remarks that Susan’s going to struggle without gossip.

Neil tells Tony he’s meeting Brian to chat about Friday’s public meeting. Tony gets to Brian first and tells him that Pat’s going to wipe the floor with him.

Brian explains that he and Debbie would each like a turn to present their plans ahead of the Q&A session. Neil thinks it should be just one of them, and the audience can make comments as well as ask questions. After all, it’s a debate.

Jill’s surprised by Shula’s decision to buy Topper but agrees with it. She doesn’t want Shula to let things fester with Alistair.

Tom wants Tony to start clearing the yard, ready for the launch, but Tony’s only just caught up after Tom’s jaunt to Shrewsbury last week. Tom suggests they do it together but Tony’s too busy to be tied down to a time. When Tom asks why he keeps making excuses, Tony emphatically tells him to back off.


Episode written by Nawal Gadalla

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