Monday 27 February 2012

The Archers: 26/2/2012


Ruth is at the end of her tether and Chris shows his thoughtful side.

Jennifer thinks Debbie returned to Hungary feeling positive about the dairy. But at the public meeting Jennifer was surrounded by Pat and Ruth, so she felt under siege. She just wishes Debbie could have had a proper talk with Adam. Brian’s just grateful Adam didn’t come to the meeting.

Ruth can’t believe their latest electricity bill is so high. David gently suggests it’s time to make a decision. Ruth won’t face up to the thought of giving up the cows; she might as well give up farming. Jennifer heads their way, looking for Adam. Ruth can’t face her while she feels like this.

Chris senses Alice is upset that they can’t afford to join her old school friends on an Easter skiing holiday, and tries to perk her up. Alice tells Brian she’s feeling guilty for taking things out on Chris. Chris turns up with some catkins for her. Alice hugs him and assures him she really doesn’t want to go to Austria but loves his idea of going for an indoor snowboarding session.

Jennifer wishes she had their problems. She tells Brian how Ruth cut her dead. This dairy scheme is tearing apart the whole family. Pat and Tony are already at war with them, and now Ruth!


Episode written by Simon Frith

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