Thursday 23 February 2012

The Archers: 22/2/2012


Jim conjures up some mathematical wizardry. Meanwhile Eddie reveals his cards.

Mike tells Eddie that Vicky has chosen her water feature. Eddie quotes him £99.99 for the Trevi. Mike realises Eddie expects it to be paid for – it’s the installation that’s free. He reckons Eddie’s a shark.

Jim’s timesheets are finally being filled in accurately, but a percentage of cider still needs to be allocated to Joe and Eddie. Mike suggests Jim uses a formula to calculate entitlements. Jim likes the idea, and presents a spurious mathematical calculation to the cider club, with a pictorial representation of the results. People are so confused, they agree to giving Grundys 60%.

Tom drops off Lilian’s veg box and asks if she’d be more interested if it contained more exotic produce. She likes the sound of chillies and blueberries. Tom’s dismayed when she confirms she and Matt are supporting Brian on Friday. They see the dairy as good for jobs

Tom tells Tony about his ideas for new produce. Tony feels patronised and reminds Tom that he’s already in hock to Lilian and the bank. Tom tells him to forget it. Tom later reminds Tony about tidying up the yard. Tony gives in and agrees to do it tomorrow.


Episode written by Nawal Gadalla

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