Wednesday 22 February 2012

The Archers: 21/2/2012


Tension mounts at the auction of promises but who will snap up Harry's offer?

Usha plans to support Ruth at the public meeting on Friday, and wants Ruth to support Alan tonight at the promises auction.

Alan smiles at Jim’s scepticism over his proposals for Lent. Jolene thinks giving up gossip is a tall order.

The Bull Upstairs is packed, and the auction gets underway with Ed and George’s offer to clear away slugs. Eddie’s water feature offer goes down well, and Vicky’s the successful bidder at £65. Lynda’s secret offer turns out to be grass-cutting by her llamas, which causes groans and laughs. As Jolene offers a fiver, embarrassed Lynda excuses herself from the room. As predicted, Harry’s four hours labour goes down a storm, with Sabrina stealing him from Jolene and Usha with a bid of £85. With help from the wine, Ruth unwinds and enjoys herself. Usha congratulates Alan on a job well done.

Alan thanks Jim for buying Oliver’s offer of four hours digging. He bought it for Joe, and asks Alan to call it a random act of kindness. Lynda thanks Alan for his offer of £30 for the llamas. He assures Lynda that people didn’t quite know how to react to her offer because they were so taken aback. She agrees with him.


Episode written by Nawal Gadalla

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