Saturday 25 February 2012

Review: The Rosie Taylor Project

The Rosie Taylor Project - Twin Beds (Odd Box Records)
From beginning to end, this is quintessential English indie pop. Smart and neat with no loose ends, and played with plenty of verve. The light and lilting vocals float along on a musical cushion of guitar, keyboards and surging trumpet, as they bring us tales of simple souls who share their lives, together with the memories, the regrets, and the dreams that pepper their days.

Just over halfway into “Twin Beds” we get a delightful female voice joining in on "Sleep", and although I yearned to hear more of her, perhaps in a lead role, the melodies, and in particular the trumpet, prevented me from becoming too despondent. And that pure male voice, English through and through, suits the music down to the trouser turn-ups and sensible brogues, and helps the listener to lose themselves in these gentle, but oh so solid, songs. Underpinning the guitar and trumpet is a tight rhythm section, ensuring the whole thing stays together, keeping all of the parts in place.

A lovely album then, being both gentle and intimate, caressing you with each of its eleven songs, and once it’s finished it is very hard not to play it again.
Kev A.

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