Saturday 25 February 2012

The Archers: 24/2/2012


Sparks fly at the village meeting while David bites his tongue.

Tony’s decided he’s too tired to go to the public meeting about the mega-dairy. Pat thinks it’s best if Helen leaves Henry with him, which ruins Tony’s hopes for a peaceful evening .

When Ed sees the plans for the dairy, he’s amazed at the size of it. He’s promised to speak up on Joe’s behalf. David, as NFU chair, is strictly observing. Ruth remarks on Jennifer and the tribe being in the front row. There’s no Adam but Ian’s at the back.

Debbie puts forward a strong case in favour of the dairy, and Pat’s the first to respond from the floor. Ed questions the effect on the small producer. Debbie insists the dairy won’t affect local trade. The debate goes on, with very split opinions. Ruth puts across a very strong case for cows belonging on grass.

Debbie appreciates David’s neutrality. David hopes he can separate his personal and public roles but has to bite his tongue while talking to Debbie.

Brian’s not sure how the meeting went but Debbie thinks it’s gone ok. She reckons the local economy angle could swing it for people. She knows who was leading the opposition but tells Brian to relax and just keep hold of the big picture.

Source: BBC

Episode written by Nawal Gadalla

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