Wednesday 29 February 2012

The Archers: 28/2/2012


Tom pushes things too far. Meanwhile Will and Nic are celebrating.

Tom wants to discuss his plans for growing peppers but Tony’s shattered and still has work to do. Helen reminds Tom to go easy on Tony and Pat agrees now’s not the best time. But Tom wants it settled and goes to talk to Tony in the milking parlour.

Tom finds Tony lying on the floor in agony. Realising it’s serious, Tom calls an ambulance. The paramedic checks Tony out before taking him to hospital.

Nic’s found some left-over fireworks. Will agrees they can let them off after tea. They’re having a great time, until Nic gets a call from Helen.

As Helen and Tom wait anxiously for news, Tom blames himself for hassling Tony. Nic turns up to take care of Henry so that they can go to the hospital but Pat finally calls. It was a heart attack, a blocked artery. Tony’s already had an operation and he’s out of danger. He’s going to be alright.

Tony’s weak but asks if everything’s ok at the farm. Pat assures him there’s nothing to worry about. Tony’s sorry to be such a nuisance. He tells Pat that he thought he was a goner. Pat tearfully admits she thought the same. Tony tenderly tells her that he’s all right. He’s okay now.


Episode written by Simon Frith

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