Friday 24 February 2012

The Archers: 23/2/2012


Neil braves the dragon's den and Jennifer is on the attack.

Tony take Susan’s advice and has a break. Tony tells Susan they’d love to see Kylie again.

Jennifer’s furious that Pat has linked her petition to the village website and tells Tony that Pat’s lost all perspective. Tony defends Pat. Jennifer puts it all down to jealousy, because she wouldn’t lend them money last year. Tony can’t believe she’d think him that petty and their debate gets heated.

Neil takes Tracy to get her stuff from Den’s house. Tracy had forgotten how much there was. But she insists they need to take the balloons that Den’s bought for the kids, even though the van’s full. Neil’s just about to leave when Tracy sees Den coming towards them. They crouch out of sight but as Tracey lights a cigarette, she bursts a balloon and the shock causes Neil to hit the horn. Suddenly, Den’s knocking on the window.

Neil tells Susan the saga. He finally delivered Tracy and the kids to their new home and it turned out Den just wanted to give Tracy some money for the kids. Alone at last, Neil and Susan reminisce on recent events. Neil suggests they go out for dinner. But with the place to themselves, Susan would rather stay in. Neil agrees.


Episode written by Nawal Gadalla

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