Saturday 18 February 2012

The Archers: 17/2/2012


Brian feels hunted. There are underlying tensions at Brookfield.

In the lambing shed, Pip is full of marketing ideas, including invitingthe public to come and see lambing in action. David’s been having trouble sleeping but keeps the reason from her.

David and Ruth row about the future of the cows. They reach an impasses but don’t let it spoil Pip’s birthday.She loves her presents, including a new mobile phone, and even Josh’s last-minute card and chocolates from the village shop.

Tom shows Tony the ‘clutter’ he wants clearing from Bridge Farm, so it looks good in the launch photographs. Tom’s demands grow, with him suggesting a repaint as well.Overwhelmed Tony loses his patience.

Brian complains to Jennifer that he feels like an outcast in the village. She suggests they go to the garden centre for a change of scenery. Brian perks up when he speaks to Debbie. She’s coming to the village meeting and staying for a few days. But he discovers there’s nowhere to hide, when Tom arrives for a meeting with the cafĂ© manager.

After his successful meeting, Tom is still pushy with Tony, raising the need to change their packaging to emphasise Britishness. When he brings up extending the polytunnels as well, weary Tony gives up arguing.


Episode written by Keri Davies

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