Tuesday 28 February 2012

Review: Aiyana Cadwell

Aiyana Cadwell - Jasmine In June (Independent)
It’s been four years since Aiyana Cadwell released “Wreaking Honey”, her acclaimed debut that drew comparisons to Norah Jones and Fiona Apple. Her latest, the four-track “Jasmine In June” EP is sure to be just as well-received.

Cadwell is an accomplished songwriter, singer and pianist. She’s unafraid to share emotional highs and lows and possesses a good ear for a pop hook. Here she works with a producer for the first time, Rob Harkness at Barn Productions in Los Angeles, and the collaboration has added another dimension to the work. The opening track “February Winter” is a beautiful song, taken to a whole new level by assorted strings, especially a wonderfully morose cello. On the title track, various instruments are layered to provide a rich, warm environment for Cadwell’s song, and “Another Man's Dream” is positively funky in a pleasing ‘70s way, and might be one of those few songs that seems to take equal inspiration from Stevie Wonder and Carole King.
Rob F.

Aiyana Cadwell: Jasmine in June

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