Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Archers: 20/2/2012


Bert Horrobin tries his luck. Meanwhile Kylie causes a stir.

Kylie’s on a reading week from university and is staying at Neil and Susan’s for a few days. Bert’s delighted to see her, and shows her all Neil’s hard work. Bert rings Neil and tells him it’s a shame Gary’s the only one without a nice new room.

Pat and Tony get a surprise visit from Kylie. Pat quickly asks about Rich. Kylie assumes he’s ok but she hasn’t been home for ages. Kylie recalls spending time in Bridge Farm’s warm kitchen as a child. And she’s pleased to see more of Bert. It’s just sad it’s all because of Ivy’s death.

As Helen takes Kylie back to Ambridge View, Tony and Pat agree she looks like a young Sharon – but softer. Kylie doesn’t remember Helen, but has vague memories of John. Helen tells her how overwhelming it’s been to see how much Rich looks like John. Kylie admits Rich is curious, and has told Kylie he’d like to find out about his real dad, but he knows it’s a no-go area with Sharon. Helen tells her they’re all aching to get to know Rich. Kylie doesn’t think Helen should try to approach Sharon. She’s sorry, but Sharon’s not going to change her mind about this.


Episode written by Nawal Gadalla

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