Sunday 19 February 2012

Review: Tokyo Raid

Tokyo Raid - The Fear Of Sleeping (Dancing Leper)
San Francisco three-piece, Tokyo Raid, make a most agreeable racket on their new EP “The Fear Of Sleeping”. They’ve the temerity to mix up classic Northern (English) post-punk, prime-time Goth and something altogether more primal, and the resulting squall isn’t unlike The Cramps stripped of their rockabilly beat, or Joy Division, had the MC5 been their prime influence and touchstone.

This is a relatively new direction they’ve taken, thanks primarily to a minor line-up change, and the four and a half songs here hit like a force ten gale. They open with “She Kills What She Kills”, a soupcon of feedback announcing its arrival, they squeeze “Judas” into the first line, and dispense a chorus that sticks around. “Run So Well” showcases the talents of new guitarist Ty Gerhardt, who duly lets rip with crunching glam lashes, psych-punk fuzz and spaghetti western licks. “Classic Diversion” is particularly toothsome, with singer / bassist Ben Utah leading the trio through a controlled punk rock thrash.
Simon M.

Tokyo Raid: The Fear of Sleeping

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