Tuesday 28 February 2012

Review: Aeocholas

Aeocholas - Maritime Forest (Barn Art Records)
Aeocholas’ “Maritime Forest” EP is six tracks of jazzy electronica, languid R&B and askew pop. Though the beats and rhythms suggest contemporary influences at play, the electronics have a distinct late ‘70s / early ‘80s feel about them. The result is arty and experimental, and in places almost avant-garde, yet importantly, it remains entirely accessible throughout its 21 minute running time.

Of Aeocholas I know next to nothing. It could be a single man or a 15-piece synth orchestra; I’ve honestly no idea. All lines of enquiry lead back to the music, which is just fine. Inspired by the wooded coastline of the American southeast, the recording begins with “Tidal Flat”, and although the electronic percussion is insistent, I’m reminded of the later avant-jazz inspired albums of Mark Hollis and Talk Talk. “Let It Go” manages to be overtly pop, while stirring up faint memories of Weather Report – very odd, but like the rest of the EP, you’ll want to hear it again.
Rob F.

Aeocholas: Maritime Forest

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