Saturday 18 February 2012

Review: The Fuzzrites

The Fuzzrites - Baby Cakes (Spinout Records)
From the same Spinout Records that sent us an impressively enjoyable CD by The Boss Mustangs before Christmas comes ‘Baby Cakes’, a similarly laudable effort from the also defiantly retro Fuzzrites.

Well-scrubbed boys, with clean shirts and painfully hip 60’s haircuts, fronted by the enviably monikered Dick Chiclet (who sometimes bangs a tambourine as they play), they serve up an engaging brew of garage-infused surf pop. It will be immediately evident that there’s nothing to not like unless you have a borderline personality disorder. And through some strange enchantment the more you hear infectious flab-free gems like ‘Easy’ and ‘Go’ with their Surfaris-guitar meets Sonics-singing, the more you want more.

Lest there be some misunderstanding however it’s not all light and fluffy. Like Disney, like the Beach Boys, like the 60’s themselves, there’s a dark heart pumping away below the surface which you can hear most emphatically on songs like ‘It’s All Over’ and ‘Treat Your Love’, and which adds a layer of creepy substance to the mix to stop it sliding into schmaltz.
Neil B.

The Fuzzrites: Baby Cakes

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