Sunday 19 February 2012

Review: The Eden House

The Eden House - Timeflows (Jungle Records)
“Timeflows” starts with an ‘80s type tune entitled "Neversea", belting along with a Cult type backing, but with female vocals, thus some way from Ian Astbury's supercharged tonsils. Not that the vocals are in any way weak, and there are three singers on hand, three fine female vocalists sharing the leads. They are Valenteen, Amandine Ferrari and Meghan Noel-Evans, and whoever is featured they’re suitably 'choreographed' to fit the music effortlessly.

The second song "Into The Red" is a slower tempo, and a fine contrast to the opening track, and although wisps of memories from the later ‘80s and early ‘90s are stirred, this remains music for today. On this slowcore track the backing is dense, on others, they add speed and menace, conjuring images of lava flows, with ringing guitars sparking (and sparkling) above the maelstrom mix. The guitar bursts are sporadic, and well placed amongst the cacophonous, surging tide of sound that occasionally threatens to engulf the singers; the superb production negates this threat, and the voices are instead carried along on the wave. This is most obvious on the nine-minute title track (Part 1), and the following second part, that clocks in at just less than four minutes. This two-part track blends into one, and besides taking up a third of the 26 something minutes, it’s also the epic high point, despite the splendid opener.
Kev A.

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