Saturday 25 February 2012

Review: Miss Quincy

Miss Quincy - Like The Devil Does (Independent)
Straight away the bluesy organ bursts forth, and I love this keyboard sound, full stop. "Love Me Like The Devil Does" takes me back to the era of Jimmy Smith and Booker T, but, as much as I find the organ a scorching success, together with the tight guitar playing, it’s the voice that must take the accolades, as it struts its stuff with timeless ease. This is the blues, deep, and dark, and sexy. The voice is full of womanly promise, although the name Miss Quincy might be a better fit for one of those young women in a BBC costume drama, rather than the sultry songstress that she undoubtedly is.

It isn't all blues, either, as "Dangerous' is a straight alt. country near classic, and the torch ballad "Til The Money Comes In" is fantastic (and there’s that swirling Hammond again... perfect!). Whether the song is a slow and slinky number like the cover of Nina Simone's "I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl" (the only song here not her own), or "Goin Down", or a more upbeat track like "Dangerous", or "Hurricane", Miss Quincy has the vocal down perfectly, using all her prowess and precision as she delivers the goods. Not only has she got the voice, but she also has the knack of putting it to work on the material that suits it best. The variety of genres is the icing on this delicious cake. The cherry on top is the ballad "Carmen", ending the album with a song of sheer beauty.

Yes, the team here is also the real deal too, with exemplary performances that provide the vehicle that Miss Quincy rides. She proves in the opening bars that she isn’t afraid to let them loose on the listener, and they rejoice in their freedom by being as tight as Lycra shreddies. If you suspect you’d like an attractive woman superbly singing her own songs, perfectly produced and backed by a company of clever companions, well… here it is. If I were you, I’d treat myself.
Kev A.

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