Wednesday 27 February 2013

Tonight at The Musician: Tommy Womack

Tommy Womack
Wednesday 27th February
plus Ben Reel and Dawson Smith
Tommy Womack has been called everything from “Tom Lehrer with a Telecaster” to “Nashville’s best-loved eccentric”. An award-winning artist, he writes songs as honest as anything Hank Williams or Steve Earle ever recorded. Whether it’s the eight minute “Alpha Male & The Canine Mystery Blood”, the hilarious – if blood-chilling – “Ninety Miles An Hour Down A Dead-End Street” or just plain growing old ungracefully in “Over The Hill”, Womack sings about alcohol, sex, cigarettes and Jesus, unafraid to say whatever he wants, having weathered both the worst and best of times.

His last two albums, “There, I Said It!” and “Now What!” both won rave reviews from any and everywhere while his live shows are confessional, witty and infused with the spirit of rock ’n’ roll.

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