Monday 18 February 2013

Preview: Duke Special @ The Musician, Leicester, 5th March

Live In Leicester Presents…

Duke Special
Tuesday, 5th March
plus support
Duke Special is an artist aptly named. Dynamic, musically ambitious & bracingly eccentric, with his inimitable style and lush musicality. Hailing from Belfast with a sound that is self-confessed “hobo-chic”, Duke Special - AKA the endlessly inventive Peter Wilson - is once heard, never forgotten.

Duke Special is a fervent performer who harks back to a pre-rock ’n’ roll era, with dashes of Gershwin and orchestral swing, all tinged with a Northern Irish lilt and poetic lyrics that could feature in a modern-day fairytale; the perfect balance of old and new - boasting the appeal of a three-minute pop song with the incessant charm of an old-school music hall.

He is the f****ed up ringmaster of a broken down circus, the lead dancer in a forgotten ballroom of ghosts, the loudest singer in a midnight choir and the first on his knees in an old time revival tent.

Full list of dates:
5th – Musician, Leicester - 
 – Lowry Studio, Salford - 
 – Floral Pavilion, New Brighton - 
 – Civic Centre, Barnsley - 
 – Arches, Glasgow - 
 – Lemon Tree, Aberdeen - 
 – Ironworks, Inverness - 
 – The Sage, Gateshead - 
 – The Venue, Derby -

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