Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Archers: 30/04/2012


Debbie redeems herself and Usha needs a confidante.

Jennifer notices Adam's eyelids flutter and calls out to the nurse. Jennifer calls Ian to tell him there's been a response, and then rings Debbie. She promises she'll come as soon as she can. She sends Adam all her love, and just wishes she was there to say it herself.

Usha tells Ruth about the shock of discovering that Carl is married. She can't bear to be the one to wreck things for Amy, and doesn't know what to do. Ruth thinks she should tell Alan but Usha's not sure if she should speak to Amy first. Her worry is that Amy might already know he's married. Ruth doesn't think so, and whatever the situation Alan will support Amy. Usha knows how vulnerable he is where Amy's concerned. She can't take the risk of talking to him until she's sure Amy doesn't know.

Adam comes round. His throat is sore but he manages to ask why he's in hospital. Ian tells him he just needs to rest. Jennifer's delighted when Adam recognises her. She's plays him a recorded message from Debbie, sending her love. Adam thinks it's nice. He calls out to Ian, who assures Adam he's there.

Episode written by Mary Cutler

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