Wednesday 30 May 2012

A message from Sid Griffin about Gene Clark gig this very Saturday night‏

Hello to each of you,

Ok, Gene Clark isn't playing a gig this Saturday night June 2 but I am and it is my first electric guitar with drums gig in over three years.

This Saturday night about 9:30 I will take the small stage at The Betsey Trotwood pub in Clerkenwell, central London, to perform eight Gene Clark songs backed by the fabulous Dreaming Spires. Gene Clark should need no introduction to those of you on this mailing list. The Dreaming Spires are, along with the See See, the best of the new, young, hip psychedelic bands coming out of Britain today.

It starts 8pm with other groovy acts appearing and is only a fiver. It is a lot better than praising the Royal Family for being rich and famous and not much else. I sincerely hope many of you will attend.

The Coal Porters are currently mixing the new album, Find The One, with Ed Stasium manning the desk. It will be out in Sept and there will be a full tour then. Hence our having a relatively quiet summer save for a few festivals and several private parties.

BBC World Service might have me on their Doc Watson piece and if they do I will let each of you know straight away. Doc will be missed. You might say he was the Gene Clark of the acoustic guitar.

I hope this finds each of you safe and warm and smiling.

Best always,

Sid Griffin.

Sid Griffin and The Coal Porters are playing The Musician, Leicester, on Sept. 26th.

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