Thursday 10 May 2012

The Archers: 9/05/2012


Tracy considers relative values. Meanwhile Pat wants to pull back.

Keith Horrobin turns up, surprising Tracy. His daughter Samantha's getting married, and she'd like Chelsea to be a bridesmaid. Tracy thinks Chelsea will be over the moon. Susan catches Keith up with all the news, although business (car sales) is terrible. She's looking forward to her wedding invitation. She wishes Emma and Ed would get married.

Ruth thinks Pip's going to accept Tom's job offer, but Ruth's worried about her college work. Pat's apologetic, but Ruth acknowledges it's not Pat's fault. They meet up with Hattie Marshall. Hattie thinks it's not worth appealing against the dairy plans. She proposes instead to continue with the protests. Pat and Ruth are sceptical. Neither do they agree with a boycott of Home Farm produce, mainly Adam's businesses. They think they've lost, but Hattie's not going to throw in the towel.

Usha admits Ruth was right. She should have told Amy straight away about Carl. Ruth tells her not to blame herself. Usha says the worst thing is that Alan's feeling wretched. She wants to help him, but they're barely speaking. He blames her. It was a long time before Usha was allowed to be part of their family, and now she's on the outside again.

Episode written by Caroline Harrington.

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