Wednesday 9 May 2012

The Archers: 8/05/2012


David hears of a development and Pip gets an offer.

Adam and Ian are gossiping about reported sightings of the mysterious creature of Ambridge. Calling round to check on Adam, Brian is discomfited to find them in the hot tub. He admits Adam had them all very worried indeed. He must take as much time off as he needs. The farm's all under control. Brian's got two spare tickets for the test match the week after next and wonders if Adam and Ian would like them.

David calls round with the good news that the police have picked up the men who attacked Adam.

Tom asks Pip if she'd be interested in helping Brenda with the Gourmet Grills van. Pip's prepared to consider it if Tom makes her a reasonable offer. Ruth's dismayed. Pip can't take on any more work, and surely it would clash with her shifts at the Orangery? Pip reassures her it's just weekends and bank holidays, and it won't interfere with her college work. And she was thinking it's time she moved on from Lower Loxley. Tom's made her a decent offer so she'd be getting more money.

Brian's told David that Amy's still staying with Alice. David tells Ruth that Brian didn't seem to know why, but Amy hasn't gone home.

Episode written by Caroline Harrington.

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