Tuesday 22 May 2012

The Archers: 21/05/2012


Alan tries his powers of persuasion. Meanwhile David can't believe his eyes.

Alan suggests having coffee with Usha, but Amy pleads tiredness. Later Amy helps Alice at the farmers' market, although by her own admission she isn't much use. Alice offers comfort to Amy over Carl. Amy says spending time with Alice has done her good. Alan's hurt that Amy spurned his drink offer in favour of helping Alice. He offers to cook a special dinner tomorrow, and eventually Amy agrees.

Alice remarks to Lynda that higher prices means sales are down. When Lynda suggests the dip in sales might be due more to Brian's dairy scheme than the prices, Alice is affronted. She suggests Lynda takes it up with Brian, not her.

Yesterday's phone call to Brookfield was merely Oliver arranging to help on the farm. David reckons the anonymous call was a one off. He returns to the house during the afternoon for a forgotten item, but when he gets back to his tractor Ruth gets a panic phone call. David's found a carefully placed newspaper on his seat, referring to the assault on Adam. Ruth wants to phone the police, but David isn't so sure. Ruth points out that someone has been watching him, waiting not just to spook him, but to warn him.

Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.

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