Wednesday 16 May 2012

The Archers: 15/05/2012


Lynda has high expectations. Meanwhile Darrell's in the money.

Tom is excited about the arrival of his polytunnel. Jazzer wants to help the men put it up, but he has to help Tom move the pig arks. Jazzer is dragging his feet and Tom suspects he has a hangover. As they get to work, Jazzer gossips about Harry gardening for Sabrina Thwaite. Tom reprimands him for talking rather than concentrating, but then gets distracted by a text from Lynda.

Adam and Jennifer take a stroll along the lane and bump into Lynda looking at Peregrine eggshells. She has something to discuss with Adam, though she will have to pop by later as Adam has tired quickly. Adam soon discovers that Lynda wants him to beautify his front garden for the Britain in Bloom competition.

Lynda continues her rounds and asks Tom to adhere to the red, white and blue theme. She claims that Adam has agreed, so Tom wouldn't want to have the lone garden that spoils the village's theme. Darrell and Elona notice Tom is becoming frustrated with Lynda, and are aware he has a lot of work to do with Tony unable to help. They kindly offer to do Tom's garden for him and refuse to be paid.

Episode written by Tim Stimpson.

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