Tuesday 15 May 2012

The Archers: 14/15/2012


There's a sporting theme at The Bull and Roy is in competitive mood.

Elizabeth and Roy are discussing business and Elizabeth is keen to hit her quarterly targets. Jill can tell the pair are distracted by their work and will see them at the fete committee. Later in the evening, Elizabeth finds Roy still working. He is sending an email to The Borchester Echo about English Wine Week and hopes they will be featured in the newspaper. Lower Loxley needs the customers.

Kenton teases inexperienced cricketer Rhys about his batting style as they create some Jubilee cocktails. Jill tastes their first attempt and finds it revolting.

As Usha and Lynda arrive The Bull, they discuss the plans for the community games and the new 'Field in Trust'. They head up to the committee meeting with Kenton, who is enthusiastic about his ideas for the games. He wants to include a caterpillar race and a tug-of-war. However Lynda was hoping for something more sophisticated, such as a celebration of art. The group think Kenton's idea is more in keeping with the spirit of the games and they move on to discuss the opening ceremony.

After the meeting, Kenton persuades Lynda to try his second attempt at a Jubilee cocktail. Lynda has to admit it is delicious.

Episode written by Tim Stimpson.

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