Saturday 12 May 2012

The Archers: 11/05/2012


Brian looks to the future and Usha tries to make amends.

Brian tells Jennifer he's recruited someone called Mark Winford to help out in Adam's absence. They watch the swifts nesting at Valley Farm. It reminds Jennifer of her own brood. It's hard when her children live so far away. Brian mentions that Valley Farm's coming up for sale. Perhaps they could buy it to house the workers at the new dairy.

The atmosphere is still tense between Alan and Usha. Usha points out it's good that Amy's sleeping now she's back home. Alan counters that she should never have had to leave. He can't believe Carl could have lied to everyone like he did. Usha says it's similar to criminals having no idea of the damage they're doing, but Alan asks to be spared her insights. He just wants to punch Carl. He loses his temper. When Usha consoles him that this would be any parent's natural reaction he tells her not to make excuses. She can't possibly understand what it's like.

Finally Usha herself snaps. She's made a mistake, she's said she's sorry, and Alan has to forgive her. He knows she's right. But when Usha finds Alan and Amy cooking later they refuse her help, and she leaves them to it.

Episode written by Caroline Harrington.

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