Friday 4 May 2012

The Archers: 3/05/2012


Jim is sceptical and Amy's making plans.

Jim and Lynda agree they had an interesting debate last night – sport versus the arts. There's time for everyone to think it over before the next meeting. Scruff gets restless and Lynda goes to see what he's barking at in the undergrowth. She and Scruff get spooked by an animal running off. Lynda reckons it was a big cat – the size of a cheetah. Jim insists that sightings of big cats are rural myths. Lynda knows what she saw. She's convinced Ambridge has got its own big cat.

When Usha tells Ruth about Amy going away with Carl, at Amy's suggestion, Ruth reckons Amy can't know he's married. Usha still can't make her mind up. It's churning Usha up. Ruth insists she needs to speak to Alan or Amy as soon as she can.

Carl's got some free time from his business commitments. As he and Amy enjoy each other's company, he wishes every day could be like this. Amy suggests they could do something that would make them happy every day. She could move in with him. Carl points out it's a big step. Amy just wants to be with him, all the time. And she knows it's what he wants too.

Episode written by Mary Cutler

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