Wednesday 30 May 2012

The Archers: 29/05/2012


Vicky and Susan are in Jubilee mood but are there republican rumblings in Ambridge?

Vicky and Susan are cutting out magazine pictures to decorate the phone box. Meanwhile, Lynda is having trouble maintaining some of the village children's interest in the maypole dancing.

Amy relays her conflict with Usha to Alice. Amy believes she is a good judge of character and knows Carl well. She's been given second hand information, so the more she thinks about it, she doesn't think Carl is married. Alice attempts to rationalise with her. Annabelle also thought Carl was married, so Amy can't just magic away a wife. Seeing sense in Alice's statement, Amy attempts another line of reasoning - Carl's marriage is obviously one of convenience.

It's Lynda's birthday. She's busy planting out The Green and is proud that Ambridge is putting on such a show for the Jubilee. Christine invites her round for tea and scones. In a mischievous moment, Jim insists Lynda should see the flowers planted at 8, Glebelands. The residents have deviated from the red, white and blue theme and planted yellow flowers! Appalled Lynda bangs on the culprit's door. Jim is amused but Christine is most definitely on Lynda's side.

Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.

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