Tuesday 1 May 2012

Review: James Levy and the Blood Red Rose

James Levy And The Blood Red Rose - Pray To Be Free (Heavenly)
"Sneak Into My Room" has been all over the radio recently, and it opens this (mainly) charming album, bringing a warm and welcome familiarity to the table. It's an album about all kinds of love, and even has a track called "Bums In Love", if you will. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for something a bit different, something groundbreaking, then you’ll be disappointed. This is a male / female duo singing songs that are for the most part delightful, with backing and arrangements to match. Though it’s a considered package of twelve tunes, it’s inoffensive, completely guileless, and retains a certain ‘60s retro feel throughout. Where "Crying Myself To Sleep", "Hung To Dry" and "Crying To The River" exhibit their carefree charm with an expert ease, "Holy Water" and "Precious Age Of 13" are less impressive. 

The remainder of the album comes over as pretty fine music, and the lead out track, as might be expected, is the best thing on the album. As a whole this is just about right for this moment in time. Spring’s in the air, there’s a spring in the step, and a spring to their music, too. Whether you’ll still be listening to “Pray To Be Free” come the autumn is, though, anybody's guess.
Kev A.

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