Thursday 3 May 2012

The Archers: 3/05/2012


Usha is frustrated. Meanwhile will Lynda be a good sport?

Amy suggests she could accompany Carl on a business trip. They could have two whole nights together.

Jim and Jill watch Lynda rehearsing the children's maypole dance. Jill remarks that George will be doing a slug patrol again when he's finished. Jim's pleased that Borchester Land has gifted an unused field to the village as a 'Field in Trust'.

Lynda's come up with a theme for this year's village fete: village games, in the spirit of the Olympic movement. The committee starts thinking of what kind of games. Lynda points out that serious, competitive games aren't everybody's cup of tea. She wants to concentrate on the cultural side on the idea. Alan remarks that Usha seems quiet.

Usha has prepared afternoon tea for her and Amy, hoping for a nice leisurely chat. Amy comes home with Carl, who explains that Amy has talked him into taking her on his business trip. Amy insists he didn't take much persuading. Amy asks Usha to explain her unexpected departure to Alan.

Carl tells Amy he's glad she's with him. Amy agrees. She just wants to enjoy every second. Carl tells her she's with the right guy. His motto is enjoy today – let tomorrow take care of itself.

Episode written by Mary Cutler

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