Friday 18 May 2012

The Archers: 17/05/2012


Joe is keen to solve a mystery. Meanwhile Usha makes the first move.

The pasture's been torn up again. Joe suggests it might be the work of the 'monster' – perhaps an escaped pig or a wild boar. Joe tells Ed he needs to be careful. Eddie was once attacked by a wild boar.

Back home, Clarrie's got bad news for Joe. It's been decided that Mr Pullen will cut the giant Jubilee cake as he's the oldest person in the village. Joe's not happy.

Nic tells Clarrie she's been having a clearout. Clarrie notices the shoebox full of bits and pieces from when the kids were little. Clarrie thinks the precious memories are lovely. Mia's had a sort out too, and wants to put some of her things in the charity bag.

Usha tells Alan he has to stop being angry with her. Alan insists it's Carl he's angry with. Usha can't blame him for how Amy feels about her. Usha just wants him to stand up for her for a change. Eventually, Alan realises how much Usha's hurting, and accepts he shouldn't have taken it out on her. Usha just wants them to deal with it together. Alan acknowledges that Usha was in an impossible situation, and promises they'll sort it out somehow.

Episode written by Tim Stimpson.

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