Monday 21 May 2012

The Archers: 20/05/2012


Bert plans a celebration. Meanwhile Tony takes everyone by surprise.

Tom's sorry he can't help with the Brookfield silaging. He's way too busy, and reels off a formidable list of Sunday tasks. David's understanding; he's got Oliver and Eddie lined up.

Pat tries gently to persuade Tony it's time to let Tom and Helen have their heads with the business. She's afraid that if they don't they may well lose Tom. Tony softens, and suggests a relief afternoon milker, leaving Tom free to follow up other projects. Relieved Tom thanks Tony, who jokes that he still wants sole use of the big chair in the office.

Ruth's jumpy every time the phone rings, but doesn't want to feel bullied over the anonymous calls. Neither does David, who assures Ruth he won't let Adam down. David is the only witness to the attack.

There's a gathering to celebrate the inauguration of the new slurry tank. It has played its part in saving the Brookfield herd. Bert's downcast about another cricket defeat, but manages to wield the champagne nevertheless, and a bottle of milk is cracked over the tank.

Back at the house Ben goes to answer the ringing telephone, to Ruth's alarm. She grabs the phone from him and braces herself.

Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.

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