Saturday 19 May 2012

The Archers: 18/05/2012


Peggy speaks her mind and David gets an unexpected call.

Tom shows Peggy the new polytunnel. Peggy admires Tom's enthusiasm but can see that Tom and Tony are doing each other's jobs at the moment. Much as Tom wants to push the business forward, he doesn't want to push Tony. And as Tony's clearly not up to much, Tom doesn't have a lot of choice.

Peggy reminds Tony of how he and Pat transformed the farm when they were the same age as Tom. She thinks they should hire someone to help out, until Tony's well enough to do the milking again, and leave Tom free to build the business. She's sure it will pay for itself.

Pip's off out, even though she's got an early start on Gourmet Grills tomorrow. David and Ruth are pleased to see her so happy. They decide they can't let the youngsters have all the fun but by the time Spencer comes for Pip, Ruth's having to wake David up.

Their night of passion is put on further hold when the phone rings. It's an anonymous caller, who warns David not to give evidence. If he loves his family, he'll want them to stay safe so he'll do exactly as he's told. The phone goes dead before David can respond.

Episode written by Tim Stimpson.

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