Monday 28 May 2012

The Archers: 27/05/2012


David takes action and Alan is keen to celebrate.

Ruth and David are researching the best surveillance cameras for the farm. Although Josh and Ben would be terrified, they debate whether to inform Pip about the reasons surrounding the new security measures. Ruth and David hope the surveillance equipment will act as a deterrent.

Ben doesn't want to go to watch the cricket but Ruth's determined not to let him stay at home alone. Although they feel threatened and insecure, and Open Farm Sunday is the last thing they feel like doing, they agree they just need to get on with things.

Alan returns from Penny Hassett to find Usha still in bed, as she is avoiding an altercation with Amy. Alan's sermon today will be about reconciliation, and he's determined not to give up on the peace process between Amy and Usha. Usha insists Amy needs to meet them halfway. Alan agrees they need to get on with the lives, and wants to plan Usha's fiftieth birthday celebrations. They agree on The Bull Upstairs.

Later, Alan asks Amy for some help planning Usha's party. However Amy is determined she wants nothing to do with Usha. Usha overhears their conversation, and Alan is really sorry. Usha's more concerned about Alan's feelings than her own.

Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.

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