Wednesday 30 May 2012

Crystal Palace Garden Party cancelled‏...


2 Day Festival in the Crystal Palace Park Bowl
Saturday 23 June and Sunday 24 June 2012

CANCELLED due to Health & Safety concerns

It is with great disappointment to announce that the Crystal Palace Garden Party will not now be able to go ahead

When it was realised that a 1.5 ton scissor lift truck must come on to the stage to erect the sails and rigging some cursory tests were made to the structure. There was some obvious weather wear to the stage and the temporary boards that were put down some time ago ... However, on closer examination it seemed there might be a more serious problem. A surveyor was called and rotten joists checked etc it was discovered the delapidation was much worse than was at first thought. It couldn’t be guaranteed to be fixed in the time available so it was felt the safest thing to do all round was to cancel the event and hopefully try again next year.

Sadly this means that the event scheduled to feature the likes of Rick Wakeman, Hawkwind, Barclay James Harvest, Focus, The Strawbs and Curved Air on Saturday 23 June and The London Gala Symphony Orchestra on Sunday 24 June will now not take place.

Full refunds are of course available to all those who have brought tickets and the organisers, who are currently looking at alternatives for a future event, would like to express their solidarity with those who were looking forward to the event.

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