Tuesday 29 May 2012

The Archers: 28/05/2012


Usha seeks sanctuary and Tony has a surprise up his sleeve.

Tom asks Pip to help Brenda with the burger van at next Monday night's Jubilee celebrations. At lunch Tom is delighted to hear Tony has finally hired someone to help out. The man, Trevor, is apparently quite a character who spends his spare time gigging.

Usha offers to wash Amy's clothes once her own load is finished but Amy doesn't need Usha's help. Usha is irritated with Amy's childish reaction and demands to know how long Amy will continue to be churlish and cold. Amy's behaviour is affecting Alan as well as being hurtful to Usha. Amy is determined to have the last word with Usha, whom she claims has no right to speak on behalf of her father. Furthermore Amy believes that Usha has always had an agenda and that their step-mother daughter relationship was a sham.

Ruth and David agree that cancelling Open Farm Sunday would look like failure, so they'll go ahead. They ask Pip to arrange for some Young Farmers to act as stewards. Usha turns up, looking for some peace and quiet in a sane, sensible house, but Ben has got everyone playing a game of the irrationally humorous Sausages. Ruth tells Usha she's come to the wrong place.

Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.

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