Friday 25 May 2012

The Archers: 24/05/2012


Darrell asks a difficult question. Meanwhile David's in the dark.

Darrell thinks that Elona risks being a doormat, in offering to trim Tom and Brenda's hedge. Elona reminds him that what you give, you get back. And after all, he helped Neil with Tracy's bathroom for no reward. Point taken, admits Darrell.

Elona is dismayed that Matt's still paying Darrell in cash. Darrell's reluctant to rock the boat, but Elona insists he asks Matt to make the wages official. Impatient Matt says he'll think about it. Lilian can see this is just a line, and berates Matt. She can't see why he won't do it. Darrell's good, and one has to pay for quality. Matt says simply that it's not the right time. Lilian warns the conversation isn't over.

David has an NFU meeting, leaving Ruth alone. He tries to convince her that the newspaper incident, like the phone call, was a one off. She points out he's changed his tune since he discovered it. She feels she's looking over her shoulder all the time now.

All is well until David's return, when he notices the glass is blown in the security lights. It looks like an airgun has done the damage. Ruth's horrified; it's right below Ben's room. She begs David to report it.

Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.

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