Friday 11 May 2012

The Archers: 10/05/2012


Ifty does some talent-spotting but is Will going to be jealous?

Nic's getting ready for her shift. She's a little flustered when Will admires her sexy top. She thinks she ought to change, but Will says she looks ravishing.

Chris thinks Amy seems more angry with Usha than with Carl. Alice feels a bit sorry for Usha. She was obviously just trying to do the right thing and it went wrong.

Ifty spots Daniel's potential at nets; he's obviously played cricket before. Alistair explains Daniel plays at school. In the pub, Rhys tells Chris he's been asked to nets by Alistair, and to enter the single wicket competition. Chris reckons if Rhys plays his cards right he could be on the team; they're short at the moment. Rhys laughs that a man can dream...

There's much ribbing of the womenfolk in the pub over their admiration of Ifty. Nic's worried Will might take it seriously, but he's very relaxed about it and just likes to see her blush.

Meanwhile Alistair and Ifty are going through their team selection. They might give Jamie Perks a go, but they still need an eleventh man. So they call on Rhys. He's delighted. This is nearly as good as being asked to play rugby for Wales.

Episode written by Caroline Harrington.

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