Wednesday 23 May 2012

The Archers: 22/05/2012


Adam enjoys the simple life and Tracy gets a present.

Adam's enjoying a little light gardening; he wants to do well in Britain in Bloom. Ian teases that he's turned into Lynda! They spot Keith Horrobin driving past, and Ian's less than complimentary. Adam says Keith's OK.

Later they shop for plants and have lunch at the garden centre. While admitting to feeling weary by the afternoon, Adam's looking forward to their trip to the test match on Friday. He's really missing cricket.

Keith arrives with gifts for Tracy's children: a hamster and a rat. Tracy admires them; the kids will be made up. But when she mentions the attack on Adam, Keith drops the rat and it makes its escape behind the sofa. Early efforts to tempt it out are in vain, so while they wait Keith shows Tracy some swatches for Chelsea's bridesmaid dress. Despite lamenting the expense of the wedding, he promises he's still paying for the dress.

Alan's shopping for his special curry supper, with Usha's help. She discovers Amy doesn't know it will be the three of them for dinner, and urges Alan to tell Amy. He leaves her a message, and Amy is a no show for dinner. She's gone to Alice's.

Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.

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