Saturday 5 May 2012

The Archers: 4/05/2012


Ian provides reassurance and Amy jumps the gun.

Debbie calls Ian to see how Adam's doing. Ian tells her he's making good progress, and might even come home today. Debbie tells him that's fantastic timing.

Over breakfast in the hotel, Amy tells Carl she could cook breakfast every day if she moved in with him. Carl thinks it's a great idea but there's a lot to think about. Amy can only think of advantages. Carl can see disadvantages too, and wonders if this is the right time. Amy points out that they love each other, so why wait?

Adam has been interviewed by the police. He's frustrated that he couldn't remember anything, and disappointed that the hospital isn't discharging him until Monday. Ian asks if a surprise visitor would cheer him up. Jennifer is equally delighted to learn that Debbie's coming over for the weekend.

Back at home, Amy calls Alice to tell her that she and Carl are making it permanent. Alice is really happy for her but their conversation is cut short when Carl calls. Amy can't believe he's ringing her so soon but Carl's got something serious to say. He can't give her the kind of commitment she deserves. He's sorry, but it's over.

Episode written by Mary Cutler

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