Thursday, 1 December 2011

Orchestra Of Spheres: Live Dates...

Orchestra Of Spheres
‘Nonagonic Now’ out now on Fire Records

06 Dec 2011 London Victoria Dalston (free entry show)
07 Dec 2011 London Scala w/ Caribou
11 Dec 2011 Minehead ATP Festival (curated by Caribou)

Playing House parties, dance parties, DIY shows and opera houses, Orchestra Of Spheres have built a reputation for creating innovative, boundary-pushing music and performances.

Now their cosmic dancing sound, pieced together on homemade instruments, is available on record as 'Nonagonic Now', allowing everyone to ride on the psychedelic primary school disco delight that is Orchestra Of Spheres in the comfort of your own universe. Just watch out for the co_ee table. Although distinctly their own, the band’s sound draws on infuences far and wide, with echoes of African rhythms, free jazz textures, electronic dance music, krautrock and Indonesian gamelan music. ‘Nonagonic Now’ was recorded at the fittingly named Frederick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society, a venue run collectively by the band and others in the Wellington creative music scene. Creative and exploratory it certainly is, to a dazzling level matched only by the sequins and shine of their radiating costumes.

If Orchestra Of Spheres illuminate themselves as a stellar, cosmic form, this record is grounded to this earth by a strong rhythmic force, which pumps continually from the opener ‘Hypercube’. Setting a subconscious canon for the rest of the album that weaves in and out of tracks, it emerges in hypnotic guise on ‘Rotate’ and as space funk on ‘Hypersphere’. Orchestra Of Spheres are clearly not afraid to experiment with ‘Ulululu’ mixing homemade snare heavy beats with the classic psych sound only New Zealand can produce.

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